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Wadsworth: When There is Peace

Chor Leoni - Erick Lichte, Artistic Director
Borealis String Quartet
Martin Fisk and Robin Reid, Percussion
Arwen Myers, Soprano
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor

Released: October 2019
Label: Chor Leoni

2020 JUNO Award Nominee for Classical Album of the Year: Choral or Vocal

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Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music, etc.

Peter Oundjian, Conducting
Carla Huhtanen, Soprano
Emily D’Angelo, Mezzo-soprano
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Tyler Duncan, Baritone
Louis Lortie, Piano
Teng Li, Viola
Sarah Jeffrey, Oboe
Elmer Iseler Singers

Released: June 2018
Catalogue No: CHAN 5201
Label: Chandos

2019 JUNO Award Winner for Classical Album of the Year: Large Ensemble

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Holst, Rubbra, Vaughan Williams:
O Gladsome Light

Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Steven Philcox, Piano
Marie Bérard, Violin
Keith Hamm, Viola

Released: September 29, 2017
Catalogue No: 5060192780765
Label: Stone Records

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Wadsworth: The Far West

Luminous Voices Chamber Choir
Timothy Shantz, Conductor
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor

Released: May 8, 2016
Label: Bridge Records

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Songs of Norbert Palej
Cloud Light

Michèle Bogdanowicz, Mezzo-soprano
Peter McGillivray, Baritone
Jacqueline Woodley, Soprano
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Steven Philcox, Piano

Released: February 12, 2016
Label: Centrediscs

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Songs of Derek Holman
Ash Roses

Mireille Asselin, Soprano
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Liz Upchurch, Piano
Sanya Eng, Harp

Released: March 28, 2014
Label: Centrediscs

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Bach: Johannes-Passion

Alexander Weimann, Conducting

Released: January 31, 2012
AISN Number B006CAXOX2
Label: ATMA Classique

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Britten: Divine Musick
The Late Works for Tenor and Harp

Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Jennifer Swartz, Harp

Released: September 28, 2010
Catalog Number ACD22623

Label: ATMA Classique

Nominated by the International Classical Music Awards - Best Vocal Recital CD, 2012

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Carissimi: Oratorios

Matthew White, Artistic Director
Alexander Weimann, Conducting

Released: February, 2010
Catalog Number ACD22622

Label: ATMA Classique

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Arnold: Polly

Kevin Mallon, Conducting
Laura Albino, Polly
Marion Newman, Jenny Driver
Lawrence Wiliford, Culverin
Eve Rachel McLeod, Mrs. Ducat
Jason Nedecky, Ducat

Released: April 2010
Catalog Number 8.660241
Label: NAXOS Classical

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Messiaen: Chants de terre et de ciel

Suzie Leblanc, Soprano
Lawrence Wiliford, Tenor
Laura Andriani, Violin
Robert Kortgaard, Piano

Released: September, 2008
Catalog Number ACD22564
Label: ATMA Classique

2008-09 OPUS prize award winner for contemporary CD of the year

As the evangelist, Lawrence Wiliford was as polished and elegant as anything one could wish for. For beauty of voice, dramatic projection, and a deep understanding of the music, Wiliford was the equal of any tenor on anyone’s favourite CDs. Colouring the words effectively and showing no apparent effort, he eloquently sang music that is vocally challenging and often very high — the perfect light tenor for the job. It was a magnificent performance.

- Kenneth Delong
Calgary Herald, 2019

Wiliford sings beautifully in what one might call the ‘Aldeburgh style.’ It’s light, clear, sensitive and every word is clearly audible…it does the music full justice.

- John Gilks
Opera Canada, 2018

One could hardly imagine a better performance than the one on this album, with Canadian tenor Lawrence Wiliford offering pitch-perfect intonation and beautiful tone.

- Paul E. Robinson
Ludwig Van Toronto, 2018

This Canadian tenor has the kind of voice that could convince rock ’n’ roll fans to give art song and even opera a fair shake. Unlike the many classically trained singers who sacrifice texts on the altar of sound, Wiliford adds to his skillfully modulated purity of tone a clarity of diction that makes what he’s singing easy to understand. So although the printed lyrics of these 19 exquisite [songs] are included, you won’t need them.

- Arsenio Orteza
WORLD Magazine, 2017

Wiliford shows here why he is one of the country's finest song interpreters.

- Rick Phillips
Opera Canada, 2014

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